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"Hustmyre brings to life the dark underworld of The Big Easy, reminiscent of Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles."

—Gary C. King, author of AN ALMOST PERFECT MURDER

A detective chases an ax murderer in New Orleans in the early 1900s and discovers that the killings are linked to City Hall and a massive corruption scheme.

A rookie FBI agent finds himself the target of a massive federal manhunt when he helps an aging French criminal try to stop a high-profile assassination.

An American DEA agent and a female Mexican cop become fugitives on both sides of the border after uncovering proof that the CIA is supporting Mexico's most powerful drug cartel. (Originally published as "Cartel.")


An ex-New Orleans vice cop fights to prove his innocence after being framed for a robbery and murder at the Mafia-owned brothel and casino where he works.

A detective learns that the serial killer he has been hunting has discovered a secret that could send the detective to prison.

A true story of murder, madness, and betrayal in the New Orleans Police Department.

A true story of meth freaks, dog fighting, grave robbing, and murder in the Deep South.

A collection of short stories ... featuring everything from cannibals to lesbians.