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"There is always uncompromising authenticity to Chuck's writing."

—Courtney L., Hollywood Producer


"What is so compelling about Chuck's writing style is how lean and taught it is, almost an Ernest Hemingway kind of power in its directness."

—Richard L., Hollywood Producer



THE FILTHY FEW. A former Green Beret who earned both the Medal of Honor and a dishonorable discharge leads a team of disgraced ex-special operators on a mission to rescue a retired general's daughter from a secret CIA prison.


HAIR OF THE DOG. After four years in prison for a crime he didn't commit, a former detective seeks revenge against the crooked cops who framed him for murder.


CHASING THE BULLET. An ex-FBI agent who scrapes out a living in Eastern Europe as an unlicensed private investigator finds himself the only hope for a missing teenager being held captive in a town run by sex traffickers and crooked cops.


RELENTLESS. A former Green Beret living off the grid and dodging his past gets caught between warring crime syndicates as he fights to save the life of a young girl.


PROJECTORS. A computer scientist gets dragged into a rogue intelligence operation that uses cutting-edge technology to project one person's consciousness into the body of someone else.


BULLET TO SHANGHAI. A DEA agent is forced to team up with a 12-year-old stowaway in a battle against hijackers on the maiden voyage of the world's fastest train, the 500-mph Paris-to-Shanghai Eurasian Express.


UNSANCTIONED. A rookie FBI agent is forced to rely on a kook conspiracy writer and a former contract killer to stop a high-profile assassination.


THE CABIN. During an anniversary getaway a woman discovers someone is trying to kill her, but she isn't sure if it's the scary stranger who showed up... or her husband.


THE AXMAN OF NEW ORLEANS. Based on a true story. In the early 1900s, a police detective pursues a killer the newspapers call the Axman, a ruthless predator who has plagued the city for years, breaking into people's homes and murdering them in their beds.