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"There is always uncompromising authenticity to the material created by Chuck and Relentless raises the bar."

—Producer Courtney Lauren Penn



BULLET TRAIN, action thriller, comparable to Die Hard, Under Siege, Speed. An American agent battles a team of hijackers on the maiden voyage of the world's fastest train, the 500-mph Berlin-to-Shanghai New Orient Express.

PROJECTORS, action thriller, comparable to Source Code, Déjà Vu, Inception. A computer scientist gets dragged into a rogue intelligence operation that uses a high-tech form of astral projection.

HUNTED, political thriller, comparable to Safe House, SALT, Enemy of the State. A rookie FBI agent is forced to rely on a kook conspiracy writer and a self-described contract killer to save the president from assassination.


RUN LIKE HELL - DEA agents battle a cartel army of zombies in Mexico.


CHINA RUN - Euramco Pictures.

RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. - Adam Chromy.

BLINK: BLACK OPS - Legacy Filmworks in Canada.

KELLER - MoliFilms Entertainment in London.

OLD SKOOL - Voyage Media




THE FILTHY FEW (action thriller comparable to The Dirty Dozen, The Wild Geese, The Expendables) - A former Special Forces soldier who earned both the Medal of Honor and a dishonorable discharge leads a team of disgraced ex-special operators on a mission to rescue a retired general's son from a secret CIA prison.


CHASING THE BULLET (action thriller comparable to The Rockford Files meets Taken) - An ex-FBI agent who scrapes out a living as a cut-rate private detective must overcome his own personal trauma to rescue a missing teenage girl.


BLOODLAND (action thriller comparable to Jason Bourne meets Narcos) - DEA Agent Dane Scott and Interpol Detective Nadija Berović are framed for murder after discovering proof the CIA is helping the most vicious drug gang in Eastern Europe.


THORNE (action thriller comparable to Taken, Man on Fire) A former soldier living off the grid and dodging his past unintentionally puts a young girl's life in danger and must use all the skills he mastered as a Green Beret to save her.


THE CABIN (contained thriller comparable to Gerald's Game, Secret Window) - During an anniversary getaway a woman discovers someone is trying to kill her, but she isn't sure if it's the scary stranger who showed up or her husband. (NOTE: This script has four characters and two locations and could be shot anywhere there is an isolated cabin.)


SLEEPER (political action thriller comparable to Jack Ryan, SALT, Red Sparrow) - A KGB agent stranded after the collapse of the Soviet Union and now with an American family that knows nothing about his past is ordered to conduct a high-profile assassination.


THE MINE (contained thriller comparable to The Descent, The Ruins, Sanctum) - After a cave-in at one of the world's deepest mines unleashes an unknown species of predators, an engineer whose last rescue ending in disaster fights to save trapped miners.


CHOMP! (creature thriller comparable to Lake Placid, Tremors, Piranha) - After a horde of genetically-enhanced alligators invade a small fishing town, three brothers—all former alligator hunters—are all that stand between the residents and alligator annihilation.


KILLER WITH A BADGE (crime thriller based on a TRUE STORY and my bestselling book from Penguin, comparable to Black Mass, The Departed, In Cold Blood) - A homicide detective is saddled with a new partner while trying to solve a gruesome triple murder in which one police officer is a victim and another officer is a suspect.


DAYS OF RAGE (historic crime thriller based on a TRUE STORY, comparable to Black Hawk Down, 13 Hours, Zero Dark Thirty) - A group of outgunned police officers gets unexpected help from a Marine Corps helicopter pilot while trying to end one of the deadliest sniper attacks in American history.



THE AXMAN (pilot for a historic crime limited series based on a true story, comparable to The Alienist, Boardwalk Empire, Ripper Street) - In the early 1900s a police detective investigates a series of grisly murders in New Orleans that he discovers are linked to City Hall and the Police Department.


BIGG & TALL (pilot for a crime thriller comparable to Lethal Weapon meets Twins) - A pair of low-rent private detectives, one a hulking ex-pro wrestler, the other an angry gnome-like disbarred lawyer, take on the wrong client and end up targets of crooked cops and a criminal syndicate.


CHASE (pilot for a gritty crime series comparable to Ray Donovan, Banshee, Breaking Bad) - An ex-detective just released from prison joins a secret task force to wage war on corruption, starting with the crooked cops who framed him and sent him to prison.


BLOOD CITY (pilot for a supernatural crime series comparable to True Blood meets True Detective) - A detective who has hidden the fact that he's a hundred-year-old vampire faces exposure while investigating a string of grisly killings he knows are the work of another vampire.