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"Chuck Hustmyre is the Keith Richards of books."

—Andy P., Special Agent, DEA (retired)


November 2022, my script RELENTLESS is shooting this February starring Thomas Jane.  


February 2022 was a big month. I optioned two action scripts, BLOOD TRIANGLE and CHASING THE BULLET.


I also got word from a producer that he might be able to get my supersized superfun creature feature CHOMP made this summer. Fingers crossed. 


January 2022, the option on my action script HUNTED has been renewed.


July 2021, a producer optioned my espionage thriller SLEEPER.


May 2021, The option on my high-speed train thriller was renewed, although, thanks to Brad Pitt, the script, which was called Bullet Train, definitely needs a new title:).


April 2021, Deadline Hollywood reported the sale of my action-thriller script RELENTLESS to Thomas Jane's company Renegade Entertainment. Thomas will star and produce along with his business partner Courtney Lauren Penn. Read the article here.

March 2021, a producer optioned my action-thriller HUNTED.