Screenwriter and Bestselling Author

Chuck Hustmyre


"Hustmyre is as gritty and in-your-face as can be, making readers feel like they're poring over a real-life crime scene."
--Anne Barringer, The Best Reviews



GUNFIGHTER - Optioned to Dan Grodnik and Mary Aloe.

CRAZED - Sold to Lucas Foster.

BULLET TRAIN - Optioned to Euramco Pictures.


BLINK: BLACK OPS by Legacy Filmworks in Canada.

KELLER by MoliFilms Entertainment in London.


PIMP CITY (action) – A fired FBI agent working as a cut-rate private detective is the only chance of rescue for a teenage girl being held by sex traffickers. (Inspired by real events.)

UNSANCTIONED (action-conspiracy) - A rookie FBI agent is forced to team up with a conspiracy kook and a former hitman in order to stop the assassination of the new president. (Based on the novel The Second Shooter from Simon & Schuster.)

SLEEPER (action-conspiracy) - Left stranded for 25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a KGB sleeper agent faces the destruction of his life and his American family when he receives orders to assassinate a controversial presidential candidate.

BLOODLAND (crime) - An American DEA agent and a female Mexican cop become fugitives on both sides of the border after uncovering proof that the U.S. government is supporting Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel. (Based on the novel Cartel from Simon & Schuster.)

PROJECTORS (contemporary sci-fi) - A computer scientist gets dragged into a rogue intelligence operation that uses a high-tech form of astral projection.

RELENTLESS (action) - After Russian gangsters leave him for dead, a former U.S. Army ranger gets caught between warring crime syndicates as he fights to save the life of a young girl.

THE AXMAN OF NEW ORLEANS (historical true-crime) - A detective chases an ax murderer in New Orleans in the early 1900s and discovers that the killings are linked to City Hall and a massive corruption scheme. (Based on a true story and the novel from Simon & Schuster.)

DAYS OF RAGE (historical true-crime) - Outgunned New Orleans cops try to stop one of the deadliest criminal snipers in U.S. history: Mark Essex, the 1973 Howard Johnson Hotel sniper who shot nineteen people, including ten policemen. (Based on a true story and the 10,000-word Court TV article.)

BROKEN (true-crime) - A veteran detective is saddled with an untested partner as he struggles to solve a gruesome triple murder in which one police officer is a victim and another is an unreliable witness. (Based on a true story and on the book Killer with a Badge.)

SMUGGLER'S BLUES (historical true-crime) - "Ochoa wants him kidnapped. Escobar wants him dead." Daredevil pilot Berry Seal was one of the most successful drug smugglers of the 1980s, but he also flew weapons to Central America for the CIA and worked undercover for the DEA. When those worlds collided, Pablo Escobar, leader of Colombia's vicious Medellin cartel, targeted Seal for assassination. (Based on a true story and on a Court TV feature article.)

THE MINE (creature horror) - After a cave-in at the world's deepest mine, a disgraced American engineer fights to save trapped miners in Chile who are being devoured by an unknown species of ravenous carnivores.

CHOMP! (creature horror) - After a horde of genetically-enhanced "supersized" alligators invade the Louisiana coastal island of Grand Lafitte, three brothers -- all former alligator hunters -- are all that stand between the island's residents and alligator annihilation.

BENT (TV pilot/​gritty crime) - An ex-cop, recently released from prison after being framed for murder, is recruited into a secret task force that aims to clean up a corrupt city, starting with the crooked police force.

BLOOD CITY (TV pilot/​supernatural crime) - After a hundred years of hiding the fact that he's a vampire, a New Orleans homicide detective faces exposure when he's assigned to investigate a string of grisly killings that he knows are the work of another vampire.