Screenwriter and Bestselling Author

Chuck Hustmyre


"Hustmyre is as gritty and in-your-face as can be, making readers feel like they're poring over a real-life crime scene."
--Anne Barringer, The Best Reviews



PROJECTORS - Optioned to Euramco Pictures.

RELENTLESS - Optioned to Dan Grodnik.

GUNFIGHTER - Optioned to Dan Grodnik and Mary Aloe.

BULLET TRAIN - Optioned to Euramco Pictures.

RUN LIKE HELL - Sold to Lucas Foster.


UNTITLED action script for Adam Chromy.

BLINK: BLACK OPS for Legacy Filmworks in Canada.

KELLER for MoliFilms Entertainment in London.


PIMP CITY (action) – A disgraced FBI agent working as a cut-rate private detective is the only chance of rescue for a teenage girl being held by sex traffickers. (Inspired by real events.)

UNSANCTIONED (conspiracy thriller) - A rookie female FBI agent is forced to rely on a kook conspiracy writer and a former contract killer to help her save the first woman president from assassination. (Based on the Simon & Schuster novel The Second Shooter.)

BLOODLAND (action) - A DEA agent and a female Mexican cop become fugitives on both sides of the border after uncovering proof that the CIA is supporting Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel.

SLEEPER (political thriller) - A KGB agent, stranded since the collapse of the Soviet Union, fights to save his American family after refusing to carry out a high-profile assassination for Russia.

THE AXMAN OF NEW ORLEANS (historical true-crime) - A detective chases an ax murderer in New Orleans in the early 1900s and discovers that the killings are linked to City Hall and a massive corruption scheme. (Based on a true story and the novel from Simon & Schuster.)

DAYS OF RAGE (historical true-crime) - Outgunned New Orleans cops try to stop one of the deadliest criminal snipers in U.S. history: Mark Essex, the 1973 Howard Johnson Hotel sniper who shot nineteen people, including ten policemen. (Based on a true story and the 10,000-word Court TV article.)

BROKEN (true-crime) - A veteran detective is saddled with an untested partner as he struggles to solve a gruesome triple murder in which one police officer is a victim and another is an unreliable witness. (Based on a true story and on the book Killer with a Badge.)

THE MINE (creature horror) - After a cave-in at the world's deepest mine, a disgraced American engineer fights to save trapped miners who are being devoured by an unknown species of ravenous carnivores.

CHOMP! (creature horror) - After a horde of genetically-enhanced "supersized" alligators invade the Gulf Coast island fishing resort of Grand Lafitte, three brothers -- all former alligator hunters -- are all that stand between the island's residents and alligator annihilation.

BENT (TV pilot/​gritty crime) - An ex-cop, recently released from prison after being framed for murder, is recruited into a secret task force that aims to clean up a corrupt city, starting with the crooked police force.

BLOOD CITY (TV pilot/​supernatural crime) - After a hundred years of hiding the fact that he's a vampire, a New Orleans homicide detective faces exposure when he's assigned to investigate a string of grisly killings that he knows are the work of another vampire.